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Seared Sirloin with Watermelon Salad

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Shared plates are hot right now and I love them because they let you to enjoy a variety of food in one sitting. Why have one thing when you can have many, right?

The other benefit is styling. Large share plates create the feeling of abundance and set the tone for a party. It’s not hard to make the dinner table look good with beautiful dishes at the centre. I love colourful platters that are vibrant and fresh.

The sweet watermelon is a perfect compliment to the salty feta. Add crunch with nuts and herbs for colour. Before serving, top with seared Sirloin cooked to your liking. I prefer mine beautifully caramelised on the outside and rare in the middle.

You know how life is best served up - with just good food, good wine, good times.




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