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Pasta al Limone

Here is a quick and easy pasta dish that can be knocked up in no time at all. This delicious, zesty and surprisingly light plate of food comes from the Amalfi Coast and around Campagna in Italy.

Enjoy this as a light lunch with a glass of white or as a primo as part of a larger meal on a long summers evening. Food and wine equals good times.



P.S. Go to my Instagram to see how it comes together @willstewart

Serves: 2

Takes: 15 minutes


250g spaghetti

1/2 cup Parmesan, grated

75g butter, cubed

1 lemon, juice of 1/2, and zest of the whole lemon

Freshly cracked black pepper


  1. Cook the pasta until just before al dente in rapidly boiling water with plenty of salt.

  2. Meanwhile, melt the butter over a medium heat in a frying pan with the lemon zest.

  3. Remove from the heat and using tongs transfer the spaghetti from the water into the frying pan and toss. Squeeze in the juice of half a lemon and stir.

  4. Add in the Parmesan and toss vigorously in the pan to form the sauce.

  5. Gradually ladle in a little of the pasta water and toss through until you have a consistency you like. Serve with some extra lemon zest and freshly milled black pepper.

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