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Lamb Cutlets with Sage and Prosciutto

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Admittedly, I’ve been guilty of overthinking a dinner party menu in the past. But you really can’t go wrong if you combine great flavour combinations. Use simple techniques you’re comfortable with – now is not the time to whip out the sous vide machine – and take the stress out of the prep. Focus instead on enjoying yourself and give guests your undivided attention.

I have made this dish on countless occasions and it never fails to impress. Its success is in the simplicity. Get to your local butcher for good quality lamb cutlets, layer with Parmesan, sage and wrap them with a slice of prosciutto. Four ingredients that can be pulled together in minutes.

Tip: Get a friend to help with the prep, with wine in hand.

Next Tip: Celebrate good food, good wine, good times always and you can never go wrong!

Love, Will xoxo

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