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There's a new Northsider in town!

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

2020 silver linings and this is one of them.

Thrilled to announce that I am now contributing to The Northsider on food, wine and good times!

To celebrate the launch, I went with the girls behind this beautiful publication, Anna Gordon and Belinda Spillane to the North Sydney Markets to hand out copies and meet some of the locals.

The magazine is written for locals by locals focussing on local people, purveyors, providores and lifestyle

My contribution to the mag will predominantly be focussed on food, wine and hunting out my favourite eats, watering holes and places to buy the best produce.

I’m going to encourage the local community to shop local where at all possible. I’ll also be creating some social content for the gram where I’ll knock up tasty recipes using the ingredients sourced from those lovely locals and encourage everyone to get outside on their bbq's and amongst this beautiful place we live.

I mentioned earlier that we celebrated by going to the Markets to hand out the would be amiss of me to forget about the celebratory drinks at The Oaks in Neutral Bay on a Friday night, an afternoon session at the Blues Point Hotel in McMahons point and some civilized coffees at the Rowers in Mosman Bay.

How good is being a Northsider!

As always, be sure it's just good food, wine and times you lovely humans!



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