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Taylors Summer House Of Shiraz - Chilled Reds On Sydney Harbour

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Summer is on it's way again and it has got me thinking back to an incredible event that I chef hosted for last summer, called Summer House of Shiraz by Taylors Wines.

When I arrived to location, the red was slightly chilled, the house was incredible and the waterfront views were outstanding.

I have lived in Sydney for 13 years - I’m still mesmerised by the harbour and turning up to Point Piper last summer, was no exception on this feeling.

I was asked to be the Summer Chef at the Summer House of Shiraz with Taylors Wines - basically, sipping wines poolside, overlooking the harbour, making new friends, and talking all things food and wine.

And, let me just start by saying that those who know me, know that that I can talk up a storm...

The guests arrived by water taxi to sample wine from the Taylors Estate Range and were greeted by yours truly, a glass of vino and selection of canapés with everyone taking part in a hosted tasting from one of the Taylors brothers themselves.

The Taylors are an exceptional family and Taylors Wines is a family run business. These talented wine makers have been producing award winning wines since 1969. They are a legendary dynasty and I have to say the warmth of being welcomed into the Taylors family with each visit to the cellar door or any event we work on, is truly heart warming!

My goal for the day was for the menu to be simple yet tasty because let me tell you the wines were absolutely the main stage event. I saw so many people challenging their own perceptions and falling in love with summer reds served chilled.

It's a crazy concept for many but you need to try it to fully understand that sipping reds in summer is real thing!

From the summer kitchen, I offered up Persian Fava with Barberries and citrus as a nod to the Shiraz and its namesake city in Iran. The Persian spices, nutmeg, cardamom, turmeric and tangy dried lime amongst others designed to hold up to a full-bodied Shiraz from the Clare Valley in South Australia.

The Prawn Aguachile was thought of with the Rose in mind but we served this with a Pinot; a canapé inspired by a recent trip to Mexico. We were on the harbour so it would have been amiss not to serve Australian prawns given they are some of the best in the world and we love our seafood here in Oz.

Finally, to truly celebrate the summer season, and let Ozzy stone fruit shine, we did fresh peach with Gorgonzola and prosciutto - all served with a spicy little Tempranillo.

Taylors have an incredible range of wines on the Estate label that are legendary, delicious and very approachable, with most under $20.

All in all, the event was magical. And the Taylors passion for winemaking is evident in their output. If you are fortunate enough to share a bottle amongst friends this summer, just know, that bottle and good conversation, is all you will need.

As always, make sure its just good food, good wine and good times my friends!



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